Dancing Plums Kitchen

Dancing Plums Ayurvedic Specialty Foods brings you the best of Ayurvedic Nutrition in nutrient-rich, flavor-packed, easy-to-integrate, delicious choices. All my products are sugar-free, cruelty-free, and hand-made in small batches with loving care.

Our product line includes:

Based on the ancient formula for the traditional Ayurvedic elixir of immortality, our Rejuve Jam is loaded with anti-aging, stress-reducing, regenerating Ayurvedic Herbs in a stewed concoction of fresh, organic plums and spices. It is a sweet, potent way to begin your day with nature’s radiance.

Ayurvedic Note: In a small daily dose (1 to 2 teaspoons), this rejuvenating jam is excellent for daily consumption. Its herbal nutrition offers revitalizing essential vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and deep tissue rejuvenation. Proven effective over thousands of years of use, this nourishing jam is based on a tridoshic formula that stimulates metabolism and enkindles the digestive fire without aggravating pitta. It balances vata and kapha while strengthening the body against the effects of a stressful lifestyle. The energizing herbs bolster the immune system, enhance neurological function, clarify the mind, and encourage long-term good health and well-being. 

There was ancient wisdom in Mary Poppins’ famous musical line: “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ~ in the most delightful way!”  One of Ayurveda’s greatest insights is that the sweet taste opens the cellular gateways of the body, driving herbal medicine deeper into the tissues for a more potent, longer-lasting effect.

Innovating and modernizing ancient secret formulas, Dancing Plums Chocolates not only deliver a rare and exquisite tasting adventure, but also, literally, a mind-altering, mood-enhancing, heart-opening, body delighting experience, entirely unique in the field.

Blending Ayurvedic organic herbs with Fortunato No. 4, the first chocolate bar made from a newly rediscovered Peruvian “Nacional” cacao bean, our Chocolates detoxify the micro circulatory channels of the body, clearing the way for greater intelligence to flow, while calming the nerves, strengthening cognitive function, improving memory and lighting up your creative genius.

Have you ever wished there were one easy way to take all your vitamins, minerals, herbs, super-foods and healthy supplements? A way so tasty that you would crave it in the morning and never forget? The Maha Shakti Detox Protein Powders were created just for that.

With Ayurvedic Herbs, Living Greens, Omegas, whole, organic, consciously grown and sourced Whey or Vegan  Protein ~ clean and easy-to-digest protein ~ along with soluble and insoluble fibers and a cosmic spectrum of micro-nutrients, Maha Shakti Powder makes deliciously satisfying, low calorie, high-potency meals to go!

Available in Chocolate or Vanilla, this is a hearty way to get your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, along with power-packed super-foods, digestion and immune-boosting spices, and disease-busting herbs in a quick, take-it-with-you shake or smoothie.

A prime source of easy-to-digest protein, and loaded with necessary nutrients and fiber, Kichari provides full-body nourishment, especially when you need to detoxify, recover, heal, tone up or simply relax, Kichari is a bowl of warm, comforting love.

Our organic spice mixtures increase your digestive fire, immune power, zest and taste for life. Choose according to the time of year or to suit your “Constitution” to create balance and meet your own unique health needs.

Our extraordinary pies are made with organic raw ingredients. Sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, bake-free, these pies are mind-liberatingly delicious and so good for you, we could even add guilt-free.


We hope you enjoy. Thank you!

Ayurvedic Recipes for Healthy Living by Laura